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The Green Witchery

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A Wise Woman Once said…

"Herbal healing nourishes your body, mind, heart and soul", and so she passed on a scared thread, weaving knowledge, strength, and herbal lore to her daughters, grand-daughters and soul sisters.

Did you know that herbalism can be traced back beyond the Middle Ages?

Back then, many households had small herb gardens and local herbalists in the villages were quite common. And here's the truth...

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It was women who pioneered the use of herbs to create remedies with the guidance of Mother Nature. These magical women were village healers, community midwives, and family herbalists. 


And that’s when the Wise Woman was born. 


Traditionally wise woman herbalists would only source local plants and at the core of their practice was the belief that herbs could be used to support our overall health. Just like you would exercise and eat healthy to nurture your whole being, herbs can help us to thrive as well. 


But between the 1300s to the 1600s women healers were scorned as witches and many faced being burned at the stake. So, women healers would pass down their remedies secretly to their daughters, and granddaughters. 

And that’s exactly how I became a modern-day Wise Woman herbalist.

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a Witch. It was my Nan who encouraged me to explore this path and together we would forage in her garden. My Nan passed down her knowledge of nature to me and brought me my first deck of tarot cards. 

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Herbal Benefits 

The remedies I make and use are gentle, and intended to support and nourish rather than “cure”. When we work with the folk healing wise woman tradition we work on the whole system rather than just the symptoms, to let Mother Nature heal and nurture us, while accepting where we are in the present moment.

Detox from stress & nurture your mental health

Herbal tea are a simple and effective way to support your wellbeing holistically. 

Elevate Your Immune Resilience

Empower your body with nutrient-rich and boost your energy levels with the power of herbs.

Rediscover Your Hormonal Harmony

Herbal medicine can support you mentally and physically throughout menopause helping to reduce negative symptoms.

Embrace Tranquil Nights and Thriving Days

Herbal medicine's sleep-reviving benefits can unleash a cascade of health improvements  helping your well-being shine.


Ignite Your Vitality and Kick-Start Your Holistic Health Journey,

With a 1:1 Herbal Consultation

I aim to work with you to help you achieve better health and harmony in your life, empowering you and helping you gain more control and take responsibility for your health and healing.


When you book a consultation with me we have a detailed look into your whole lifestyle to gain insights into the root causes of what is going on.


I can do this with a face-to-face consultation, which is my preferred choice as we can go through energy and breathwork techniques, but we can also use video and telephone consultations as well.

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 Herbal Consultations 

  • Essential First Consultation: This initial session is vital for understanding your health, lifestyle, and family history, laying the foundation for personalized care.

  • Holistic Approach: We'll explore the root of your condition, discussing diet, lifestyle, and medications, leading to a tailored treatment plan that embraces herbs and lifestyle adjustments.

  • Customized Herbal Solutions: Your unique plan evolves as we work together, recognizing that responses to herbs vary. This approach prioritizes long-term well-being with subtle, lasting effects and minimal side effects.

  • Focus on Long-Term Wellness: While not a quick fix, herbal remedies offer sustained benefits, emphasizing a gentle, enduring journey to harmony.

  • Continuous Collaboration: Our ongoing partnership ensures your plan adjusts to your evolving needs, allowing you to experience the transformative magic of plant medicine aligned with your health goals.

How Does It Work?

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Starting Consultation

Includes researching time, writing the treatment plan, creating the remedy and working through any physical practices and recommendations for you.


Follow Up Consulation

I​ncludes further research, any adjustments needed and written up plan.


Bespoke Remedies 

Prices for remedies will vary depending on what they are, I work with mainly tinctures and tea blends, but also supplements – some I will provide for you, some I will recommend you buy from other places

£10 - £20.00

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Cultivate botanical wisdom with your sistas through group herbal workshops.

With my guidance, you’ll dive into the vibrant world of herbs! I’ll pass down the ancient wisdom that’s been sown into this earth by women many moons ago. And you’ll discover the wondrous nature that’s growing on your doorstep. So, expect your hands to be rooted in the soil, your hearts to be open wide, and to feel the wondrous energy of Mother Nature. Because together we’ll create perosnalised tinctures, drink lots of home-brewed herbal teas and more. 


Are you ready to become an herbal goddess with your soul sisters?


Botanical Teas Blended with Nature's Secrets. 

Discover herbal teas that nurture your body holistically. 

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