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The Green Witchery

Herbal Smoking Blend

Herbal Smoking Blend

30 Grams

In all cultures across the world there is evidence of using herbs not only to consume internally, apply topically but also to burn and smoke, for recreation and relaxation, ceremoniously in ritual as well as in medicine, forging a connection to spirit and the Divine energetically, on a practical level cleansing the body and space of energetic and physical negativity.

My blend is made from carefully selected organic herbs and offers a smooth and aromatic alternative to traditional tobacco. With no additives or chemicals, I weave a gentle mixture of red clover, mullein, lavender, mint, marshmallow, honeysuckle and mugwort, all known for their relaxing and soothing properties. This can be used as part of ritual to connect to deeper levels in dreaming and meditation, as well as using it on your altar as incense, another alternative to smoke cleansing sticks.

It can also be made into a tea, soothing and calming.

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