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The Green Witchery

Native local wild crafted Smoke Sticks

Native local wild crafted Smoke Sticks


Smoke / Smudge sticks, Blessing Wands, known by many names, a classic staple of the Green Witch's energetic cleaning kit. 

These smoke sticks are all made with plants grown in my own magical garden. Crafted with intent under the Summer full or New moons.

Smoke sticks connect us to the element of Air, when we light the bundle we send our magical intention up to the etheric realms in the smoke. 

Each stick is individually crafted in sacred space working with the energies of the season, moon cycle and planets, using organic plants from my magical witches garden - using a selection of different plants; sage, rosemary, mugwort, mint, lemon balm, thyme, rose, lavender, and decorated florally.

The images show the smoke sticks when freshly made - they are left to dry out, which means they lose thier vibrancy, and the floral decorations generally need to come off - the smoke sticks are only ready to use when fully dry. 

If there are specific herbs or flowers you require, do message me.

  • how to use

    On a physical level the herbs contain properties that cleanse viruses and bacteria from the air, as well as negative energy from our auras and the envionment. 

    I use my sticks to cleanse the space I am working in, as well as my own aura, setting the intention of clearing all negative vibrations, creating sacred ritual  and ceremonial  space filled with positive vibes.

    when fully dry, light the stick until it smoulders, allow the smoke to build and move around the space, item you are cleansing. You can use a feather to waft the smoke. Once smoke has built up you can open a window to let the negative energies out. 

    Use a heat resistant dish to put the stick out. 

    (be careful of falling embers)


  • postage

    included in the price

  • Workshops

    I will be running face to face workshops in the summer where you can craft your own smoke stick. See my events page 

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