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The Green Witchery

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Botanical Witchy Brews & More 

Herb teas are a gentle but powerful way of supporting the body as it does what it needs to do. You can explore a variety of delicious and healing herbal teas here, as well as other herbal healing products and witchy items! I always use high quality botanical ingredients, grown by myself in my magical garden or foraged locally where possible. When sourcing ingredients, I always aim to buy organic, and from ethical small businesses based in the UK. 

 I create all my blends for each individual order personally, creating a bespoke order for you, which can be further enhanced with a deeper herbal consultation, where we look at your whole lifestyle and assess your needs to bring harmony and balance for you.

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As with all herbal remedies,  if you are under a gp or other health care provider for an existing medical condition do consult them before embarking on taking any herbal remedy. Not recommended if pregnant. Take responsibility for your own health, do your own research on things, use your inner guidance system and intuition regarding all things. Never take any herbal remedy daily for more than 6 weeks without at least a small break.

Before trying any herbal remedy it is recommended to try a small quantity first to establish whether there are any adverse or allergic reactions to the herb. Start low and build up slowly.

Please remember that although the botanicals I use are known for being gentle, when you are using herbs and plants for their medicinal properties, they are just that – ‘medicinal’. If you wish to take a herbal remedy with prescribed medicines, you should talk to a pharmacist or your GP first – treat all herbal remedies with respect.

The products and advice given on this website are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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