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Forest Fusion - Healing Medicinal Mushrooms: 'Mushroom Coffee'

Forest Fusion - Healing Medicinal Mushrooms: 'Mushroom Coffee'

100 Grams

Many people don't realise how tasty certain types of medicinal mushrooms can be, offering complex flavours way beyond the ones we are used to seeing on our dinner tables - add this to their incredible heath benefits (immunity boosting, inflammation reducing, aiding cognitive function) they are definitely worthy of including in my herbal botanical teas - and are now in my top favoured blends!

"Mushroom Coffee", adaptogenic blend, bringing the powerful healing combination of 4 different types of medicinal mushrooms with cacao, maca and selective spices, my unique mushroom cacao maca blend will uplift, energise, relax and bring focus to the whole system, and acts as a great coffee substitute, while tasting smooth and chocolatey, not of mushrooms at all!

I can also personalise this blend for you. For example, if you want the focus to be anti-inflammatory, I can add turmeric or adjust the quantity/combination of the ingredients. Just message me for more info.

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