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The Green Witchery


Do You Find Solace In...

brewing your home-made teas, immersing yourself in the tranquil embrace of nature and the universe? 

Then it’s most likely your time to embrace your inner green witch.

But I do understand your hesitation, the societal skepticism that often surrounds those of us who choose to walk the path of harmony with nature, moon cycles, and the spirits of the earth


However the truth is… 


Living holistically is deeply connected to your heritage!


Before women where scorned as witches, we were intimately intertwined with the rhythms of the natural world. 


They bestowed upon us a legacy of ancient wisdom, passed down through generations, guiding us to embrace our true selves without fear.


And this is exactly how I discovered the Green Witch within me.


As a child, my Nan would let me explore her magical garden. She taught me the power of sinking your hands into the earth and connecting with the land of your ancestors. Together, we ignited bonfires, cleansing away the past, nurtured composts to enrich the soil, and she instilled in me the courage to embrace my true essence without hesitation.


But when I entered puberty, I struggled with painful period which led to fertility issues, and years of invasive procedures and ineffective treatments. 


To avoid undergoing a hysterectomy, I embarked on a journey of herbal healing, guided by the wisdom of pioneers like Dr. Christine Northrup and Susan Weed.


Their teachings reconnected me with the ancient lineage of women who revered nature as the ultimate healer. And through their inspiration, I found the courage to craft my own herbal remedies and set me on a journey to healing myself gently and intuitively. 


It reminded me what my Nan had taught all those years ago… 


Living in harmony with earth’s natural cycles and seasons isn’t crazy - it’s powerful and transformative. 


That's why The Green Witchery exists — to serve as a beacon of spiritual and holistic guidance for women like you, seeking:

  • Nurturing support for their health journey

  • Deeper communion with the divine energy of nature

  • A vibrant community that celebrates the sacred essence of the holistic witchy path.

The more I lean into my power, the more I understand it's okay to live a life that others don't understand.

What Does Being a Green Witch Mean to Me?

In my practice, I weave the essence of witchcraft into every aspect of daily life. Nature serves as the foundation of all energy work, with the elements of earth, air, fire, and water intricately intertwined with our spiritual essence. This unity of witchery and spirituality guides me to craft tinctures with reverence and meditate with intention, embodying the holistic harmony of green witchery.

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I am a firm believer in embodying authenticity, speaking our truths with unwavering confidence, and placing trust in our own intuition. Through this journey, we strive to discover the perfect balance and harmony within ourselves, ultimately finding our rightful place in the vast tapestry of the world.


Empower yourself with inner resilience, mastering life's challenges with unwavering strength. Through breathwork and adaptation, embody the powerful harmony between mind, body, and soul. Remember, our resilience extends beyond the physical; it's a testament to our enduring spirit

Connection & Support 

Embrace the profound connections with diverse communities, the ever-changing seasons, and the nurturing embrace of the earth. Discover your tribe of soul sisters, kindred spirits who uplift and inspire, fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose


I am committed to relentless exploration and uncovering truths. Every resource I provide is meticulously researched, embodying a spirit of adaptability, continuous learning, and personal growth.

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