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The Green Witchery

Botanical Bath Salts

Botanical Bath Salts

450 Grams

Botanical Bath Salts

Hand blended in sacred space and with magical healing intent, these bath salts not only do your body good, but they are a delight for the senses too! – smelling and looking gorgeous. Epsom, Dead Sea and Himalayan natural salts are blended with carefully chosen organic botanicals and essential oils to create a healing bath time experience – perfect for cleansing before a moon ceremony or other personal ritual, but also just great to ease away the aches and pains!

Blends available;

Imbolc / Welcoming the Spring Blend; a Divine blend to uplift and inspire. Botanicals of milky oats, to soften the skin and connect to the Goddess Brigid who we honour at this time, vanilla, to induce feelings of comfort and relaxation, orange zest to uplift and add zing, chamomile flowers for healing and mugwort to connect to feminine inner power, with essential oils of vanilla, fir needle to bring empowerment and connection to nature, tangerine for joy and ylang ylang to access divine feminine wisdom.


Moon Blend; Botanicals of rose petals, mugwort, lavender and juniper berries, and essential oils Frankincense, rose, clary sage, jasmine and juniper – all chosen for their connection to the moon, protection, cleansing, emotional healing and psychic awareness correspondence.


Muscle Ease; a mix of fresh rosemary, orange, lemon, marjoram and black pepper, with essential oils of eucalyptus, black pepper, marjoram, cederwood and lavender.


Winter Spice; An uplifting, warming and relaxing blend. Zesty orange and lemon with traditional Yule spices of cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, bay, black peppers, star anise, pine needles, and essential oils of frankincense, pine, fir and ginger.


£16 for a 450g jar plus scoop & muslin bag to put them in (you should get 3 baths out of this) 

  • postage

    included in the price

  • Blend

    specify which blend you would like when ordering.

    choose from; Winter spice, Muscle Ease, Moon Blend and Imbolc

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